Growing people attract growing people

Creating a successful team requires people who grow personally.

The Monday Morning Growth format is a guided 30-minute session every Monday Morning for your team. The sessions create a continuous growth habit for your team. Develop yourself as a person, in your role and as a team. With inspiring insights from latest neuroscientific and psychological sciences and direct implications and exercises for effective experience.

Start your growth habit and come from knowing how to best perform, motivate and communicate to doing and living it.

Designed for Teams to Fit in Every Schedule


Every session is designed to learn and apply personal growth. Scientific insights about human behavior paired with practical exercises enable participants to train and strengthen the learnings directly in their day-to-day routine. 


The 30-minute sessions every week give your team the chance to meet and connect not just on a work level but also on a growth level. Within team exercises, your team grows together and becomes stronger in achieving their goals.


The human-oriented coaching techniques create a direct transfer to the personal situation. Your team can break free from their blockages and get access to their full capacities and resources to attract the progress and success you want.

Training Packages for Your Team


Transform personal stress patterns for long-term stress reduction

6-weeks program

6 Mondays à 30 minutes

Reflect on your stress patterns that are triggered over and over again. Transform the stress spiral from self-sabotage to self-empowering patterns.


Train empathic communication by understanding relationship needs

4-weeks program

4 Mondays à 30 minutes

Learn how to listen to the relationship needs of yourself and peers. Start communication based on needs to create empathic communication.


Accomplish your goals at ease by connecting to your values and drivers

6-weeks program

6 Mondays à 30 minutes

Identify your own values that drive you in your team. Create a vision on how your role and goals match them to increase motivation and performance.


Create meaningful impact on others by inspiring and leading with connection

4-weeks program

4 Mondays à 30 minutes

Identify the drivers of behavior and learn how to use this understanding to inspire others. Connect to them, step in their shoes and empower them.


The program and sessions will be tailored for the needs of your team

Ongoing program

Every Monday Morning

Examples: Communication, motivation, stress management, role identification, leading others, conflict and resilience management.

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Your Coach

Laura Lilli Weil

Business Coach, Organisational Psychologist, Yoga- and Meditationteacher, Start-up founder, Change- & Innovationmanager

  • MSc Business and Organisational Psychology
  • 200h Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training
  • ROMPC® Coach
  • Free the limbic® Business Consultant
  • BSc General Management